I Love My Egg Handmade Bunny Woodcraft

I Love My Egg Handmade Bunny Woodcraft

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I Love My Egg - 7" Handmade Wood Bunny  

If you're looking for an adorabe bunny woodcraft decoration for Easter or the springtime my "I Love My Egg" bunny woodcraft might be perfect.  She makes an adorable decoration for any cottage, shabby chic, or Victorian home and always makes me smile.

"I Love My Egg" is so proud of her beautiful large egg and small easter egg.  Her large egg is just so beautiful, so cheery.  Every time she looks at it she can't help but smile.

"I Love My Egg" is a brush & sponge painted wooden bunny and wooden sponge painted egg.  The wood bunny is brush and sponge painted with outlining along the edges, has a painted face, and floppy white felt ears.  She is wearing a brushed felt vest with lace trim along the neckline. She has a white tuff of roving hair and a pink fabric bow on the top of her head.

Her small Easter egg is painted and striped.  The beautiful large wooden egg is sponge painted with white, blue, pink and lilac colors and has a fabric bow decoration and zig-zag painted stripes.

"I Love My Egg" is hoping when you see her you'll smile, too.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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