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As a crafter I've always wanted to design my own dolls and crafts. Finally, I was able to do so by creating Linda Walsh Originals and designing my own doll and craft patterns.

My passion is for the fashions of the Victorian Era and I would have to credit my grandmother for that. When I was a very young girl she gave me a very old print of Godey’s Fashions for August 1870 that belonged to my great, great aunt Flossie. I was captivated by the dresses and from that moment on I was hooked.  In fact, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. From that moment I wanted to make beautiful Victorian dolls and create my own Victorian doll patterns.

Some of  my Victorian “Lady” dolls are all faceless. Why are they faceless? I made them this way because I wanted each to have its’ own distinctive personality.  My feeling is that faces overwhelm the dolls personality and, therefore, have a greater impact on her personality. I wanted the clothing, hair, accessories, color scheme, etc. of the period to determine the personality of the doll.

I don’t think I've met any woman who doesn't still carry a soft spot in her heart for the favorite doll she had as a little girl. I know I do. My problem is that I've never seen any doll I didn't love. For me, I love all dolls. New, old, seasonal dolls, primitives (the uglier the better), reproduction, and Raggedy Anne and Andy.  It doesn't matter.  Cloth, wood, paperclay, terracotta, needle felted.  It doesn't matter. I LOVE them all.

So, I designed a wide variety of different doll e-patterns, as well as some craft e-patterns.  My doll and crafte e-patterns range from easy for beginners to difficult for the advanced seamstress who wants a challenge. My doll e-patterns are designed for all those grown-up girls who are still little girls in their hearts.  My dolls are meant to be loved and displayed as decorations by grown-up girls in their homes and are not intended as toys or products for use by children.

All of my e-patterns contain a digital photo on the front cover, listing of supplies on the back cover, written instructions, diagrams, and individual pattern piece sheets. The instructions and diagrams are written so that you can follow them in steps, one after the other, from start to finish. The e-pattern piece sheets are all individual full size pattern sheets. 

All of my doll e-patterns are classified as to their degree of difficulty. There are three levels which are as follows: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  All of my designs are available as e-patterns (i.e. instant digital .pdf downloads).  

If you love making dolls and crafts as much as I do I hope you will enjoy my doll and craft e-patterns. My hope is that you enjoy my e-patterns as much as I enjoyed designing them.  Just click on the category link below.

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